During your getaway to Rockaway Beach, NY, take advantage of one of the many wellness offerings we have on site. Rejuvinate and center yourself at one of our Yoga classses, or work up a sweat in a sculpt class. The schedule changes weekly, so check back here or on our instagram page for Weekly Wellness. 

Non guests are welcome to sign up and join our Weekly Wellness Classes. All classes are held safely and socially distanced. There is a cost of $18 per guest, per class. All classes include mat, towel, & water

*Please make note of the class you'd like to take, and when it is to confirm you book the correct date and time. 


CLASS SCHEDULE: 7/19-7/25 2021
Daily at 9am - Mondays and Fridays have an additional class at 7:30am.
Classes last for 1 hour.

Monday 7/19
7:30am - Meditation with Jenn  @jennifer_kaitlin
9am - Yoga with Alex @alexandraspergel

Tuesday 7/20
9am - Hatha Yoga with Ania  @daya_mama

Wednesday 7/21
9am - Vinyasa Yoga with Di  @salivador

Thursday 7/22
9am - Pilates with Mo  @monastyyy

Friday 7/23
7:30am - Vinyasa Yoga with Di  @salivador
9am - Vinyasa Yoga with Di  @salivador

Saturday 7/24
9am - Sculpt with Ally  @allyberlin_

Sunday 7/25
9am - Vinyasa Yoga with Di  @salivador