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How to Crush Your Cold Weather Outdoor Workouts Safely - I was able to give winter surfing a try through an opportunity provided by the excellent Rockaway Hotel, which partners with the Locals Surf School in Rockaway, New York to offer stay and surf packages year-round. Before I took the frigid plunge, I had to suit up in a wetsuit, hood, boots, and gloves, all of which were 5 to 7 millimeters thick to help to keep water out and body heat in.

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Why Boutique Hotels Will Be Top of Mind for Event Pros in 2021

With smaller gatherings still the norm, these 18 boutique hotel properties are primed for socially distant meetings. - These smaller, personality-filled properties—which typically have 100 or fewer guest rooms—may historically have been overlooked in the event world in favor of amenity-rich chains with large ballrooms and flexible breakout rooms. But with reduced guest counts during the pandemic, boutique hotels are increasingly becoming a go-to option for small, safe and socially distant gatherings of all types.

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Hospitality Design

The 22 Best Hotel Openings of 2020 - The Rockaways are located in Queens, but the relaxed atmosphere of this bungalow beach enclave feels worlds apart from its fast-paced Manhattan neighbor. For The Rockaway Hotel, New York firms Morris Adjmi Architects and Curious Yellow Design created a getaway that honors the local community and its pervasive surf culture through the likes of zinc paneling and abundant greenery...

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14 Couples Retreats Near NYC That Make for the Perfect Weekend Getaway

Here are a handful of romantic couples retreats near NYC that make for a perfect long weekend trip, whether you’re looking to explore a new destination or cozy up in your hotel room. 


This stunning new hotel opened up towards the end of the summer season during the pandemic, so it’s been slightly under-the-radar until now. For couples looking to stay closer to home—but wanting the feel of a far-away place—it’s a fantastic option that’s less 90 minutes from Times Square via subway, or even quicker in an Uber, car, or by ferry.

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Hospitality Design

For Art’s Sake: 3 Hotels Put an Emphasis on Artwork: One of the first pieces of art encountered at the Rockaway Hotel is the photograph Sessions End, revealing two dedicated surfers trudging through the snow with their boards in tow. The work of local photographer Susannah Ray, it provides a portal into the passionate, year-round surf culture that grips the Rockaways, New York’s beach hideaway.

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Condé Nast Traveler

A Staycation at The Rockaway Hotel: After being cooped up in a tiny apartment for so long, I have been craving a staycation at a hotel—somewhere with endless space to roam safely, and a place I could relax in new serene surroundings. The newly opened Rockaway Hotel seemed like the ideal local getaway for me. It opened during the summer and quickly became a hot spot in Queens for locals and tourists based in New York City, thanks to easy access via public transport; you can take the A train or hop on a ferry to reach it. The hotel is also a one-minute walk away from the popular Rockaway Beach.

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The Rockaway Hotel Is More Than Just a Summer Scene: Against all odds, the 53-room hotel, which boasts 16,000 square feet of outdoor space—a luxury for any building in New York City but a necessity for one that opens amid a pandemic—is up and running, offering outdoor and indoor dining (at 25% capacity) and hosting small, socially distanced yoga classes on sun decks lined with heat lamps overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The 84,000 square foot space, which was designed by Morris Adjmi of the Wythe Hotel, occupies an entire block on Beach 108th Street, just a few bungalows away from the ferry landing on the bay and the boardwalk along the ocean.

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Interior Design

Rockaway Hotel Captures the Laid-back Essence of the Queens Shoreline: In 1977, when Queens natives the Ramones released “Rockaway Beach,” the punk band’s classic paean to the borough’s oceanside neighborhood, it was against a backdrop of high crime and low budgets. Fast forward to 2012 and, like much of the city, the working-class riviera—the largest urban beach and boardwalk in the nation—had gone from worn-out to welcoming. Then came the epic devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Eight years later, rebuilding efforts are nearing completion. And now comes a crowning jewel, the Rockaway Hotel, which embodies the coastal getaway’s restored charm and relaxed aspirations.

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CNN Travel

New York City's only surfing beach is finally primed for overnight tourists. "You can't just make a surf break. It's either there or it's not," Jon Krasner, one of The Rockaway Hotel's partners and owners, explains. Terence and Dan Tubridy, brothers and third-generation Rockaway residents, are the hotel's other partners, along with Michi Jigarjian.

Not surprisingly, expect to find the requisite surf shops and surf crowd who have either decamped permanently to the Rockaways to divide their time between well, surfing, and whatever work will keep them afloat (sorry, not sorry!) or who won't hesitate to play hooky if the surf looks promising.

"I had three friends today call in late to work, to come surfing in the morning and then they jumped on the ferry to go into work," Krasner says.

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Beach Vibes Continue Year-Round at the Rockaway Hotel (the boutique beachside hotel is accessible by Subway and is spotlighting the community's local arts appeal): Although the summer season has come to a close, the Rockaway Hotel is inviting guests to visit the beach year-round. The boutique hotel — one of the few options in Rockaway Beach — opened Labor Day Weekend and is aiming to create a year-round cultural hub for the low-key beach community, which is easily accessible from New York City. It’s certainly closer than the far reaches of Long Island.

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Guest of a Guest

How The New Rockaway Hotel Snagged Some Of The Best Art In The City: When you think about it, hotels have never just been "places to sleep." Through the centuries (and perhaps even millennia), they've not only served as lodging for travelers, but also as community gathering spaces - places to socialize, hubs of culture. With travel on hold for many New Yorkers, the tradition of turning to a hotel in your own backyard has become more relevant than ever. At the newly-opened Rockaway Hotel in the beachside oasis of The Rockaways, Queens, you'll find a celebration of local culture and community, along with a much-needed change of quarantine scenery. 

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A New Hotel in Rockaway Beach Still Has Plans to Open This Summer

The city's economy is on pause but the owners of the new Rockaway Hotel are moving ahead with plans for a grand opening sometime in July. "I think we all feel lucky, in a position as New Yorkers to help lead the charge on how businesses can open in the future after corona,” said Jon Krasner who is part of the team behind the new Rockaway Hotel.

The year-round hotel will have 53 guestrooms, plus eight extended-stay suites.

All will offer views of the ocean or the Jamaica Bay.

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