The Top 10 Hotels in NYC for Couples!

Article about The Rockaway Hotel in Pursuitist by David Lee

Imagine yourself about to go on a beautiful vacation, and you’ve planned for weeks, and you want to have the most romantic vacation imaginable to please your loved one. Now imagine that you have forgotten to book the hotel. It happens; you get busy. But now it’s almost time to go on vacation, and you’re hunting for the hotel in earnest. You want something romantic and sweet, something to give you a break you will never forget. Unfortunately, not having the right hotel can ruin your vacation quickly and make it go from romantic to a flop. However, by choosing the best and following the tips on this list, you will be giving your loved one the best vacation imaginable.

The Rockaway Hotel, Rockaway Park

How about taking a trip in a time machine? Step back into the 1960s and enjoy the surf culture with the best views and the feeling like you’ve just hit the beach. The rooms are bold and colorful but have a Scandinavian design. A pool makes the vibe friendly and relaxed, while fitness classes are in place if you want to rev it up. This hotel is also pet-friendly, the menus are diet-friendly, and they offer board games and bicycles to rent. There is also a restaurant that offers the chance to dine in perfect relaxation. For visitors traveling from other countries, the staff includes translators in French, Spanish, and German. This is an ideal hotel for having a quiet night in or a fabulous night out.