Mom and little daughter enjoying in pool at The Rockaway Hotel

Community Engagements & Partnerships

The hotel proudly partners with local businesses and nonprofit organizations for guest experiences and amenities, hotel design features, and community engagement efforts.

Grasses swaying in wind & blue sky above, The Rockaway Hotel


The hotel’s partnership with The Jamaica Bay-Rockaway Parks Conservancy (JBRPC) is dedicated to improving the 10,00 acres of public parkland throughout Jamaica Bay and the Rockaway peninsula for local residents and visitors alike. JBRPC works to expand public access; increase recreational and educational opportunities; foster citizen stewardship and volunteerism; preserve and restore natural areas, including wetland and wildlife habitat; enhance cultural resources; and ensure the long-term sustainability of the parklands. Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge is one of NYC's best spots to observe migrating species and just 10 minutes from The Rockaway Hotel.

Mom and little daughter enjoying in pool at The Rockaway Hotel


The Rockaway Hotel has partnered with Rising Tide Effect to place deserving students with limited financial resources into an intensive four-week program offering essential swimming skills and water safety training.

Ride circuit electric shuttle on road near The Rockaway Hotel


Circuit’s ultimate goal is to reduce congestion and its harmful effects on the environment and our quality of life. We do this by getting people out of their cars for short trips, encouraging visitors to park once, and by making connections to existing mass transit hubs. We work with innovative cities and forward-thinking advertising partners to offer electric shuttles that make mobility easier, smarter, more affordable, and fun.