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Lilac Jam

A curated evening of performance in The Pool House from 7pm-9pm.

woman singing man on piano

Lilac Jam is a curated evening of live performance at The Rockaway Hotel, New York. The event celebrates and provides a platform for artists working in a diverse range of mediums including poetry, music, dance, acting, comedy, DJing, activism and other performative arts.

Hosted by visual artist Zoe Buckman and part of the Wide Awakes Collective which advocates radical joy and inclusion, this event intends to uplift both the artistic community hit hard by the pandemic as well as audiences hungry for the often transcendent or thought provoking experience of beholding live creativity- something that has been greatly missed this past year.

The evening will bring together performance artists including poets, actors, activists, musicians, and DJ's to the hotel’s vast outdoor and ventilated spaces and will also be recorded for home viewing following live events. 

Lilac Jam is in-keeping with one of the key tenets of The Rockaway Hotel in it’s engagement with the local community as well as it’s arts programming. 

To request a reservation, please email!

108-10 Rockaway Beach Drive, New York 11694

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