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The Hospitality Way seminar at The Rockaway Hotel
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IGC Hospitality and 7G Group Launch The Hospitality Way Program at The Rockaway Hotel

April 2021

The six-week Hospitality Way program aims to educate and empower the local Rockaway community seeking jobs in the hospitality industry.


New York, NY (April 7, 2021) — The Hospitality Way is a program created in partnership with IGC Hospitality and 7G Group to help educate and empower the local Rockaway Beach workforce in Queens, NY, seeking jobs within the hospitality industry. The program will be open to candidates with little to no experience, as well as to those who have multi-year experience to help further educate and provide the right tools to create a successful career within the industry.


The hospitality industry, one of the top four drivers of the New York City economy, employs nearly 450,000 workers from all walks of life and varying skill sets. From 2008 to 2018, the hospitality industry alone contributed to nearly one-fifth of the citywide job gains. Since 2010, IGC Hospitality, a restaurant and hospitality group born in the Rockaways, Queens, NY, has grown to include more than five venues and over 800 employees, maintaining an everlasting commitment to the development and growth of its staff as they pursue career advancement in and outside of the company.


IGC’s latest project The Rockaway Hotel,developed in partnership with 7G Group, recently opened in September 2020 in the heart of Rockaway Beach, Queens, NY, to serve as a destination and gathering place for locals and visitors alike. More importantly, the hotel will represent an opportunity to contribute to the revitalization of the local Rockaway economy and create over 100 local jobs that will allow the residential community to work where they live.


Owner and Operators of IGC Hospitality, Terence Tubridy and Jeff Brosi, both know how powerful the education process can be for those seeking careers in the hospitality industry.


“Growing up in Rockaway, I was fortunate to have access to work in hospitality, never thinking it was my eventual career choice, so we are so proud to be able to create a path in which others locally could see this as a career opportunity,“ said Terence Tubridy, Founder and Managing Partner of IGC Hospitality and Managing Partner of The Rockaway Hotel.


“For years we have been training and educating the importance of hospitality and entrepreneurship with our employees,” said Jeff Brosi, Founder and Managing Partner of IGC Hospitality and Managing Partner of The Rockaway Hotel. “We are now excited to help broaden that message with people who are seeking growth for their own careers. We feel education is a form of empowerment and when you add in hospitality, it leads to a recipe of success. The Hospitality Way program is set to openly educate to empower.”

The Hospitality Way seeks to provide individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to enter the hospitality workforce. This six week program begins on April 26, 2021 and is located at The Rockaway Hotel. These classes will help differentiate the many job positions and associated skills that comprise the hotel and restaurant businesses. Guest speakers and leaders of the industry will help make participants feel inspired to enter the hospitality workforce and be ready and confident to complete the interview process and ultimately gain employment at the Rockaway Hotel or other partner hospitality sites.


At the end of the six week program, The Hospitality Way will be hosting a job fair filled with local businesses looking to make new hires. Applicants can visit to learn more about the program and start the application progress.




About The Rockaway Hotel

The Rockaway Hotel is a vibrant, community-driven, full-service hotel located in the heart of Rockaway Beach, which opened in September 2020. The newly built 84,000 square foot hotel features 53 guest rooms and eight extended stay suites, a restaurant, a rooftop bar, an outdoor pool area, and a large-scale event space, all in an unparalleled location on Rockaway Beach.


About IGC Hospitality

Since its fruition 12 years ago, IGC Hospitality has been committed to creating vibrant and unparalleled experiences for guests – managing 15 locations and featured within six hotel brands spanning across New York City. Rooted in values of humanity, humility, hunger and hospitality, the IGC Hospitality team has reinvented themselves with each new location, giving a unique personality to each new project. Making a name for themselves within both the food & beverage and hotel world, IGC's unwavering devotion to delivering authentic, homegrown hospitality to their city has now brought them back to Rockaway where it all began. IGC Hospitality offers clients consulting services ranging from concept development, branding, spatial planning, food service design, bookkeeping and more. Whatever it is, IGC Hospitality is always your “friend in the business.”


About 7G Group

With over 15 years of experience in real estate development and financial analysis, 7G Realty seeks to deploy capital towards value-add commercial projects as a principal, as well as through external partnerships in major domestic and international cities, and emerging markets throughout the U.S. Projects include both residential and commercial buildings that responsibly engage community, environment and sustainability. 7G builds strong community bonds by partnering with local organizations, artists and brands to support and elevate local culture. These core values of sustainability and social impact are the focus of everything they do.